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actif  Sujet n° 6  logger32 3.49.292 pour le 11m

le 09/10/2014 @ 17:58
par 14at456


19 messages

Salut !

je viens de finaliser les tests de la 3.49.292 pour le 11m.

Pour ceux qui veulent le fichier tout prêt, il suffit de demander, je vous l'envoie en rar compresse par un lien dropbox
Ca vous evite de vous prendre la tete a tout configurer. Attention, il y en a a faire encore parce que c'est ma config perso, mais convenable pour pas mal de monde.
Un probleme qui revient souvent: la taille des ecrans trop petite.

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Réponse n° 91
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:12
par r4xNNSUCFep


hi Paula, this is wow, love the image too and all the dilegessinrs.Btautifulsy used mica, which i have forgotten totally...lovely soft tones.Thank you for sharing this with us at Craft-Room Vintage Challenge, good luckwink)m
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Réponse n° 92
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:14
par FtnWxh1I5xK


Maybe your own broker is frrio-tunnnng you?.If there are algos designed to counter-trade you, maybe there are algos that are just pegged to your trading. I mean, if a trader make some money, why not attach an algo to him, and get some piece of the cake?. Was a common practice in the pits, now it gone electronic like everything else. Maybe give a try with BRK to screw the bot?
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Réponse n° 93
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:19
par cP33sSxwS


Chère prof, puisque vous êtes en contact avec Larcenet pourriez vous lui deed9amr(l&#3n;obliger) à faire plus d'épisode de scientifique-man svp.Gratos et sur internet ça serait le pied total.Merci.
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Réponse n° 94
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:22
par CCeJdSjY


Keep beetaverliing i post non stop here.I do enjoy life in my old age.I find it fun outing wites in the name of gawd.Keep pretending you are smarter than i.I will keep showing you a fool.Never lose sight of the fact that conservatives are mostly cited of the fact that liberals lose facts off their sites. It explains almost everything they don't do if they do it or don't do it.-Brain Fissure (lesion)Mold
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Réponse n° 95
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:23
par hmIwVqYknOq


"Lentää se kone sinne joka tapauksessa" ei ole pätevää argumentointia, koska jos yhä useampi valitsee junamatkan kaukolentojen sijaan, lentovuoroja on taloudellisesti järkevää vähentää. Siksi inhoan tuota väitettä. Toisaalta se, että ihmiset lakkaisivat lentämästä, on kaukana tueulaisvudessa..
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Réponse n° 96
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:26
par 6idD2fwtrJ


The “over specific CSS” was mainly for two reasons:It was borrowed from a stylesheet that required it (because nested drop downs for menus can be a pain to work with)It’s meant just to highlight nested russtIneerelting thought on ID’s, though. I use them sparingly, but I think it totally makes sense to use them when there is a unique element.
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Réponse n° 97
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:35
par d6v3PPnEbwGT


Great things from you, man. Ive go through your things before and youre just too awesome. I enjoy what youve got here, really like what youre declaring and the way you say it. You make it ennintaiterg and you still manage to hold it sensible. I cant wait to study more from you. This can be really a excellent blog.
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Réponse n° 98
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:36
par wkZWnXhT


Solitary for dating Looking for a single to meeting, if things acquire develop to better repshionatil, that is okay. I am your x year classic, NON-smoker, and it's essential to be a NON-smoker in addition. adult friend E-mail tagging will be wasting time when it comes to relationship; let's fulfill for coffee plus go dating married man from generally there. date women Married and looking in va lonly woman looking nude free chats
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Réponse n° 99
le 26/10/2016 @ 07:39
par N1Hvas8xviu


Thats really sad to hear that they just throw stuff away when others who dont have a lot could make use of them!I guess though if local chleitirs/homeaess people were given the clothes the store may have issues with people coming in wanting returns/swaps for the clothing but there is NO reason why the clothes couldnt be sent abroad to countries where the brand isnt availiable and help people there! It sounds like lazyness, i wonder if its just that one store or if its a a general policy that goes on with other stores/brands that we are unaware of?
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Réponse n° 100
le 26/10/2016 @ 08:23
par 1YiNrC4lw


Los grupos deben inscribirse bajo el nombre de uno, el líder lema o el equipo está bien y los autores pueden ser listados en la presentación de e-mail. Praecntseiones [+ JPEG esquema A4project] debe permanecer en el anonimato.
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